The foolishness of Women’s March on Washington

January 21, 2017 displayed the foolishness of anti-Trump protesters during the Women’s March on Washington.  The whole affair was a national embarrassment, the manic cries for women’s rights and freedom rang hollow in a nation where women enjoy unfettered liberty.

No left-leaning protest would be complete without celebrities voicing their vapid opinions to the gathered crowd.  Madonna confessed her disappointment was pathological in her uncouth diatribe against Trump.  Madonna’s absurdity was outdone by the incoherent rant of Ashley Judd who seemed bent on being a tasteless and vulgar as possible.  The crowd cheered and applauded as these mavens of hysteria vomited invectives at President Trump and those who supported him.  The many thousands of liberal cultists attending this orgy of profanity fed off the anger of their celebrity idols.

So what is this political mania all about?


Trump is literally Hitler

Having been trained to hate their own nation liberals find it unfathomable that anyone would want to “put America first.”  The concept is as foreign to them as personal responsibility, moral accountability and common decency.  So rather than honestly trying to investigate what Trump is trying to communicate they immediately resort to name calling.  Obviously having no other historical reference, they predictable compared him to Hitler.  Once their heads are filled with irrational conclusions they adamantly refuse to look at any fact that might contradict their theory.

Closing Planned Parenthood

Even though Trump has never stated that he wants to close Planned Parenthood, he has made it clear that he does not want to fund their preoccupation with abortion.  Planned Parenthood began with the goal of eliminating those that it considered undesirable, chief among these were African-Americans.  To this day a disproportionate number of blacks are murdered in the womb through the direct influence this organization.  Liberals want this practice to continue unabated, not because it promotes health and wellbeing, but simply so there will be no consequences for their poor choices.

Illegal immigration, transvestite rights, gay rights and other side issues could be added to the above list.    The Women’s March on Washington highlighted the unreasonableness of the left.  Their goal is the continued decline of American values.  The farther they can nudge this nation away from its strong moral compass the more satisfied they are.


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