Eight years of failure from a socialist

The last eight years displayed the failure of the socialist ideology that was forced on the public by an arrogant and repressive government.  Barak Obama missed no opportunity to dismantle the American dream and force citizens into poverty and government dependence.

He was a spoiler whose goal was to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, demolish its borders and mire it in global governance.  He brought in so-called refugees that are already destroying the peace and security of the cities they inhabit.  Minnesota is one example of the ravages caused by those who refuse to integrate into American society.  Obama and the State Department understood Islam does not have the capacity to accept any political system that does not conform with Sharia.  It seems that the ensuing problems where not only anticipated but welcome.  These cultural primitives were deemed useful in the destabilization of societal peace.  As in Europe the goal is the dissolution of Western culture.

Some of Obama’s other “accomplishments” point to the same goal.

  • Obamacare – forced on the public by a partisan vote, it effectively raised individual expenses significantly.
  • Homosexual marriage – though this was not by legislative fiat, Obama did support and encourage the destruction of traditional marriage.
  • Transgender bathrooms. Not satisfied with perverting historic marriage, Obama ordered that schools allow mixed genders to shower together and use the same restroom.

Each of these may seem insignificant standing alone, however, when scrutinized together they point to a conspiracy of intent to crumble the foundation of our republic.

Thankfully this has ended, with the dawn of Donald Trump’s presidency America has new hope for the future.  In the ensuing days, all Americans must work to Make America Great Again.


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