Christianity and Islam

Since 9/11 Islam has been at the forefront of global violence; everywhere Islam is imported disruption and destruction follows.  Islam subjects its female adherents to demeaning and brutal treatment – stoning for being raped, beaten for disobedience to husbands, honor killings for embarrassing their families.  Sex slavery and pederasty are comcriminal-1563428_1280mon
among the adherents of Islam.  This brutal treatment does not end here, homosexuals are thrown from buildings, and anyone who dares to oppose Islam is imprisoned, beheaded or both; Christians are forced to pay a poll tax (Dhimmitude) or choose death by the sword.  This religiopolitical brutality leads to only one conclusion that there is something fundamentally wrong with the teachings of Islam.

Christianity’s response, along with western governments, has been one of conciliation.  This penchant for appeasement has led to the steady rise of Islam’s influence in traditionally Christian nations.  The west has entire cities that are dominated by Sharia law and these towns become no-go zones where non-Muslim’s cannot safely visit.  The adherents of Islam create their own cultural enclaves, deliberately separating themselves from the culture they have decided to assault.  Governments
seems incapable of stopping the erosion of their societies.  In this growing culture of violence no one is safe; despicable acts of terror are meant to subdue the populous and create perpetual fear.

It is in the midst of this growing bedlam that Christianity should raise the alarm.  The Church cannot integrate, simulate or otherwise reform Islam.  Renting church sanctuaries for Muslim worship should be anathema to Christians as well as pro-Muslim apologetics from the pulpit.  Most pastors and congregations who do these things cite “love” as the motive behind their capitulation.  We are told that love embraces, accepts differences and seeks alliances instead of division.  This is true when dealing with non-essential, non-life threatening and benign situations; but love does not ally itself with brutal and destructive ideologies.  The apostle Paul said it best, “Do not become partners with those who do not believe, for what partnership is there between righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship does light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 2:14) Love, real love, is not mushy sentimentalism or a surrender of the truth.  Love does not tolerate the subjection and slaughter of the weak and helpless.  Love defends the oppressed, stands firmly against evil, refuses to allow the oppressor to gain ground, love gives hope and healing to the downtrodden and resists the tyranny of the aggressor.  Love does not remain neutral it takes sides when life is in the balance.

The church’s message must be clear and unapologetic; God loves the practitioner of Islam, but is not the author of the Muslim religion.  Through believers He calls them to repentance and repudiation of the tenets of this backward religion. The church has to work to stop the spread of Islam from the pulpit and in the community.  Christians should not waiver in the battle for truth.  The lion is at the door, cowering in the corner will mean death, standing your ground and facing the beast will cause it to tremble.


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