Violent attack on free speech

On university campuses across the nation free speech is being violently attacked.  Milo Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated from the Berkley campus in response to violent rioters who opposed his right to speak freely.  Gavin McInnes’ voice was silenced by violent rioters at New York University.  Both events, which took place in early February 2017, are indicative of the violence of the left.  A violence that is growing, not diminishing.

Real Americans (those who respect the constitution, honor the law, and believe in individual liberty) have docilely watched as public education became a breeding ground for radical socialist propaganda.  The average citizen has been forced to support the destruction of our children’s minds and the undermining of the nation that we love.  Our values have been mocked and ignored.  Every vestige of Christian thought has been forcefully removed and replaced with abortion rights, gay rights, transgenderism, radical environmentalism and anti-American propaganda.  These hedonistic values are force fed to our children while parents are ignored and marginalized.

For far too long this blight has consumed our moral integrity.  Our nation is nearly unrecognizable; the things that once made America great have been destroyed by ism’s and identity politics.  Our children’s minds and hearts are poisoned and bitter resulting in hopelessness and fear of the future.  Logic has been tortured by emotion; up has become down, wrong is right, these whinny miscreants call good evil and evil good.  The conscience of this great nation has been turned on its head.

Liberals destroy impressionable children’s faith in God, tell them they have no intrinsic value, confuse their sexuality and gender, spoon feed them lie upon lie and when confronted they wipe their mouths and say, “We’ve done nothing wrong.”  These are destroyers of families, intellectual monsters who hate what is good.  What they do is intentional, systematic and relentless; it will not stop until parents and communities make an uncompromising stand.

By whose authority have tradition values been deemed unsavory?  What mandate was given to the left to pronounce every act of debauchery moral and just?  Their mandate is the capitulation of the average citizen in the wake of their onslaught.  It is up to each concerned citizen to sacrifice to save our children’s future.

Like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McIness the left labors to silence our voices through intimidation and personal attacks.  The battle is winnable we have truth on our side and now we must go on the offensive.


One thought on “Violent attack on free speech

  1. Where do you suppose the “left” learned how to use these tactics? They learned them from the proponents of apostate Christianity and are simply returning the favor of wielding the same sword against modern day christians in name only that has been used against them for centuries.


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