Post-birth abortion?

An article that appeared in The Telegraph is a sad commentary on the logical progression of evolutionary, feminist, pro-abortion, and progressive thought.  So-called medical ethicists concluded that killing an already born infant was no different than ending their life in the womb.  Neither, according to these rare geniuses, had a moral right to life because they have no “moral relevance.”

No one should be surprised by this callous dismissal of life.  For years, the left has championed the idea that a child in the womb was not a person; but only tissue like a tumor or a best a pesky parasite.  This incessant dehumanization of the unborn gave legitimacy to the wholesale slaughter of millions of human beings.  Apparently, permission to slaughter children before birth is not enough.  Why keep them around if they have a defect; after all no one should be forced to be inconvenienced or embarrassed by their child’s disability.  These same arguments can be made at any stage of life.  Why keep grandma around if she must be taken everywhere?  Or junior if his football head injury forces his parent to watch after him day and night?  Killing them would be more convenient and extremely economical.

The rejection of the Judeo-Christian ethic has contributed to this type of pitiless supposition.  It is obvious that the authors of the above-mentioned article have anchored their morality in expedience.  Right and wrong, good and bad have no place in their argument.  Because of this the progression from pre-birth murder to post birth murder is as natural as breathing air.

This may not seem like a big issue now, but neither did abortion in the early sixties.  Moral shifts come by degrees and godless hearts will give merit to this dark theory.  The world has lost too many precious lives developing in the womb.  How many more must be sacrificed to satisfy the profligate desires of selfish adults?  There is no greater evil than the person that can crush the life out of the helpless.

It is time to prepare for the next battle in the war to save our children.


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