The destruction of civility

All around the United States angry individuals are protesting, marching and violently attacking their opponents.  “Stop Trump” has become the rally cry for furious liberals fearful that their reshaping of America may be coming to an end.  The left declared war on traditional American values (i.e. Christianity) decades ago and now they are desperate to not lose any ground.

Anyone who is slightly paying attention knows that a culture war has been waged for decades.  Central to that war has been the influence of Christian thought on American culture.  For centuries Christianity was the moral compass of western culture, though often imperfectly applied, it set the standard for decency and personal behavior.  Christianity’s superior cultural norms were embraced by the political elites because its call to personal responsibility suited their need for order.  Christ’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” translated into civil stability and community compassion.  Detractors will point out the many exceptions to this rule, no one will deny these exceptions.  However, the clear majority were influenced by these principles whether they were converted followers of Christ or not.  Societal pressure ensured compliance if only outwardly.  The left hated these restrictions wanting to replace conscious goodness with Hedonistic confusion.

So, what have the victories of the left given the United States?

  1. Rampant immorality – in recent years aggressive homosexuality has assaulted the sensibilities of the average American. Transgenderism has been normalized to the detriment of those suffering from mental illness.  Sexual promiscuity is encouraged among young people as well as sexual experimentation.
  2. Abortion – Millions of children have been murdered for nothing more than lifestyle convenience.
  3. Inferior Education – American public and secondary schools have become indoctrination camps where anything but Christianity is allowed.
  4. Racial Division – No ideology has done more to divide this country than the left. The cry of racist has become so common that it has lost its meaning.  Many whites in America have become weary of the continual attacks against them because of their skin color.  Rather than seeking to heal, the left has fostered animosity and continues to push division.
  5. Political polarization – The divide between leftist and traditional American values continues to widen. No common ground can be found.  The anti-Trump riots across the country betray an ideology incapable of accepting any point of view but their own.
  6. Political correctness – This insanity would be laughable if its influence wasn’t destroying an entire generation. Millennials, in particular, embrace the need for safe spaces, absurd gender pronouns, and feminist/gender studies.
  7. Redefinition of marriage – The time honored, God ordained institution of marriage being between one man and one woman has been obliterated by the godless left.

The list of offenses against civilized culture could be multiplied.  Western civilization is near its death throes.  If Western culture is destroyed completely there is no culture equal to or superior to it that can fill the gap.  If leftist ideology wins a new age of oppression, poverty and darkness will emerge.  Make no mistake theirs is a philosophy of death.

So, for now the battle rages.  Traditional Americans who understand the value of the Judeo-Christian ethic still have a fighting chance.  The time to take a stand is now.


One thought on “The destruction of civility

  1. You start off with "Okay guys, enough with the freaking BS, it's time to sit down and have an honest conversation for a miqetu.&nuot;Of course the situation and circumstances may change the wording and direction a bit, but that's how I'd handle it.


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