Immigration and the inevitable destruction of the United States

“America is a nation of immigrants,” or “we’re all immigrants” is the cry of the left as citizens watch the inevitable destruction of the United States.  Millions of illegal aliens are flooding America’s southern border and stripping this great nation of its wealth.  A report by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2012 indicated that 62% of illegal households received welfare assistance.  This financial burden falls on the backs of every working American.

The U.S. is indeed a nation of immigrants.  The author’s paternal grandparents came to this country is the early 1900’s through Ellis Island.  Multitudes of others can trace their roots the same way.  It might be added that they came legally, were documented, learned the language and became productive citizens.  My grandparents were proud to be Americans.  The still cooked dishes from the old country and reminisced about their former life, but those things did not define them.  They were Americans through and through.  They voted, worked hard, teared up at the national anthem, but most of all understood that their lives had been made better by coming to America’s shores.  They didn’t march with their former nation’s flag; they didn’t work to undermine national security or call people racist for disagreeing with them.  Their patriotism was out of gratitude for the opportunity to succeed and live in liberty.

To say that we are all immigrants is idiotic.  Anyone having been born to U.S. citizens is a natural born American – a native to this nation.  They are not immigrants; they are native Americans.  Leftists use this argument to shame anyone opposing the rape of this great nation by illegal immigration.  After all, you’re not a real American either or so the argument insinuates.

It is difficult to not sympathize with foreigner wanted to partake of the American dream.  We have been blessed with a constitutional republic that afford us great liberty.  No other nation on earth has ever seen the potential and freedom of America.  However, that uniqueness is under threat.  Leftists bent on destroying the sovereignty of the United States want our borders to be obliterated.  Their goal is to flood this nation with people who have no affinity to the American ideal.  They organize illegals into protests that feature the flags of foreign governments while chanting anti-American sentiments.  These political miscreants (consisting of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton along with a rogue’s gallery of Democratic activists) wish to overwhelm the economy until it implodes.  Make no mistake these people do not love America they wish to reduce it to economic, military and political weakness.

The immigration issue is not about compassion.  Leftists have no affinity to anything but their twisted Marxist ideology.  They are true believers.  The system is paramount, human beings are just tools used to sustain it.  Mexicans and Muslims have no place in a leftist’s heart, they are just the moments convenient cause.  This is about institutional power and control over the individual.  The American ideal stands in the way.  Today’s anti-global revival is the left’s biggest threat; therefore, they are reacting so violently.

President Trump build the wall, build it high and protect our sovereignty and liberty!


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