The left’s hatred for all things Christian

The left has made no apologies for its hatred of Christianity.  Most Christian influenced moral norms, of American society, have been vilified and condemned by the left.  Christianity is portrayed as backward, puritanical, oppressive and unworthy of respect.  Given the intense animosity leveled at the church one would think Christianity to be a dark and divisive cult.

The impact that Christianity has had on the world is seen in the development of western culture.  Contrary to the claims of self-hating westerners who never miss a chance to cry mea culpa, Christianity helped create a culture unparalleled in history.  Yes, there were abuses in the west.  Yes, horrible things were done in the name of the church.  There are no perfect cultures because they are comprised of imperfect people.  However, the enduring good that came from western culture far outweighs the bad.

The Church pioneered hospitals, orphanages, and a multitude of other beneficial organizations that still help people today.  The influence of Christianity helped end the practice of slavery in England and the U.S.  That it took so long to end this horrible practice is a stain on western civilization, however, that it was ended shows the powerful resiliency of western thought.  It might be added here that the inferior Islamic culture still practices slavery.  The ability to recognize the need for reformation is a sign of a healthy culture.  Though we should never forget the abuses that are part of western history, we must rejoice in our ability to change when confronted with our sins.

Even today the Christian church is at the forefront of relief efforts across the globe.  Rescue missions dot the landscape designed to help people find hope in impossible situations.  Christians bring medical help, food, clean water and relief to millions regardless of the victim’s religious, ethnic or political background.

No other culture can compare with the Christian influenced west.  Leftists wish to dismantle western civilization and replace it with a regressive, oppressive, dystopic Marxism, whose god is the state and the individual is merely a tool to be used.  Contrary to this western culture values the individual and places individual liberty over collective conformity.  Leftists are free to protest, write and speak out against the west because of the west’s ethos.

If the leftists have their way everyone will live in poverty, fear to speak out, and suffer immeasurably under a centralized order.  Leftists hate Christianity because it is the antithesis of everything they believe.  The spiritually empty mantra of the left promises death and destruction.

As imperfect as it has been – thank God for western culture.


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