The United States is up for grabs

The pitched battle between left and right is reaching an apex.  The left has worked at a fevered pitch over the past several decades to wrest power from anyone espousing liberty.  They have outperformed the right on almost every front; the left now controls education, the judiciary, the media and many local governments.  Though slow to react lovers of liberty are beginning to wake up and pose a real threat to their fiefdom.

Nervous over the election of Donald Trump, liberal zealots understand that his victory represents a rejection of their worldview.  Brexit, Trump, Le Pen and others threaten the left’s goals of global governance.  This has sparked a panic that has resulted in violent protests over a constitutionally elected President.  Calls for assassination, impeachment, military coup, and declarations of incompetency highlights the irrational fanaticism of leftists.

Social media has announced it will “crack down” on fake news and hate speech.  Fake news is defined as any political opinion that questions the leftist agenda, hate speech is any logical statement that highlights the hypocrisy of the left.  Conservatives have had their accounts cancelled permanently, been shadow banned, and harassed simply for their speech.

No other group has frustrated liberalism more than the new-right.  Paul Watson, Milo Yiannopoulis, Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, and other new and upcoming advocates for the right have been a thorn in the flesh of left.  Their acerbic wit and impeccable logic has made most of their opponent’s apoplectic.  Global advocates know that they must silence these voices or lose the debate and ultimately the battle.

Recently Infowars, an independent news outlet, has been dropped by a major advertising firm which will result in a three million dollar a year loss in revenue.  Their crime was having an unpopular political opinion.  The decision to drop Infowars was without recourse, no attempt appears to have been made to correct the issue.  It is impossible to say with certainty what the motive of the ad agency is, but the timing is too coincidental to not see political motivation.  Infowars led the charge in the last election working to uncover the machinations of globalist and highlight the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Alex Jones whose forceful style is unfortunately interpreted as unreasonable ranting is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.  A careful perusal of Infowars news coverage reveals an intense, professional pursuit of the facts.

The battle is joined and who wins is of vital importance.  Corporate media carefully guards what they report, considering their audience to be infantile and stupid.  If independent media is silenced we will be at the mercy of an agenda driven media bent on ushering in a global government.


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