Why public schools must be left to die

The public-school system in America has failed miserably.  The days of anticipating that our children will receive a solid education are long gone.  Children come out of our schools barely able to read, incapable of solving basic math problems, and incapable of thinking logically.  There are exceptions, however, when a functional education is the exception rather than the rule then our nation’s future is in jeopardy.

America is locked in a battle for its soul.  The left learned in the mid 1900’s that the battle for the culture would be won or lost in the classroom.  Slowly and with inexorable precision the public-school system has shattered the ideological continuity of the home and consequently the nation.  There was a time when the Judeo-Christian values of society were reinforced in the schools.  Children had a time of scripture reading and prayer at the beginning of each day.  They were taught the difference between right and wrong, there were moral imperatives; the obscure moral relativism of today was unheard of.

Since 1963, when the United States Supreme Court essentially ended the participation of Christianity in the public-school system, American public education has been on a steady decline.  Academics has taken a backseat to social engineering.  White children are told they have oppressive privileges and should despise who they are.  Black children are taught they are perpetual victims and should exact justice from their Caucasian counterparts; further widening the racial divide.  Western culture is depicted as evil, colonial and oppressive.  This constant bombardment of self-hate has made it easier for the social engineers to show them a better way – Socialism.  Those who might scoff at this need only look at the headlines.  The anarchists, communists and socialists protesting Trump are the product of modern American education.  Their belief that a capitalist society is un-American would be laughable except for the unsettlingly violent protests by poorly educated youth.

Parents who are distraught over the hijacking of their children’s minds have been coerced, through mandatory taxation, into funding what they find abhorrent.  Every parent who has a child in public education is at the mercy of the school district.  Christian parents especially find their input unwanted.  Schools brazenly silence prayer, refuse children the right to read the Bible on school property, all in the name of fairness.  Objections to this blatant discrimination are rebuffed as narrow or oppressive.  Every ism, philosophy and religion is respected in the school system except Christianity.

The public-school system has outlived its usefulness.  Homeschool and private schools are the safer option if parents wish to salvage the minds and hearts of our most vulnerable citizens.  Parents have a right and obligation to protect their children; use that right before it is lost forever.


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