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The United States is up for grabs

The pitched battle between left and right is reaching an apex.  The left has worked at a fevered pitch over the past several decades to wrest power from anyone espousing liberty.  They have outperformed the right on almost every front; the left now controls education, the judiciary, the media and many local governments.  Though slow to react lovers of liberty are beginning to wake up and pose a real threat to their fiefdom.

Nervous over the election of Donald Trump, liberal zealots understand that his victory represents a rejection of their worldview.  Brexit, Trump, Le Pen and others threaten the left’s goals of global governance.  This has sparked a panic that has resulted in violent protests over a constitutionally elected President.  Calls for assassination, impeachment, military coup, and declarations of incompetency highlights the irrational fanaticism of leftists.

Social media has announced it will “crack down” on fake news and hate speech.  Fake news is defined as any political opinion that questions the leftist agenda, hate speech is any logical statement that highlights the hypocrisy of the left.  Conservatives have had their accounts cancelled permanently, been shadow banned, and harassed simply for their speech.

No other group has frustrated liberalism more than the new-right.  Paul Watson, Milo Yiannopoulis, Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, and other new and upcoming advocates for the right have been a thorn in the flesh of left.  Their acerbic wit and impeccable logic has made most of their opponent’s apoplectic.  Global advocates know that they must silence these voices or lose the debate and ultimately the battle.

Recently Infowars, an independent news outlet, has been dropped by a major advertising firm which will result in a three million dollar a year loss in revenue.  Their crime was having an unpopular political opinion.  The decision to drop Infowars was without recourse, no attempt appears to have been made to correct the issue.  It is impossible to say with certainty what the motive of the ad agency is, but the timing is too coincidental to not see political motivation.  Infowars led the charge in the last election working to uncover the machinations of globalist and highlight the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Alex Jones whose forceful style is unfortunately interpreted as unreasonable ranting is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.  A careful perusal of Infowars news coverage reveals an intense, professional pursuit of the facts.

The battle is joined and who wins is of vital importance.  Corporate media carefully guards what they report, considering their audience to be infantile and stupid.  If independent media is silenced we will be at the mercy of an agenda driven media bent on ushering in a global government.

Why public schools must be left to die

The public-school system in America has failed miserably.  The days of anticipating that our children will receive a solid education are long gone.  Children come out of our schools barely able to read, incapable of solving basic math problems, and incapable of thinking logically.  There are exceptions, however, when a functional education is the exception rather than the rule then our nation’s future is in jeopardy.

America is locked in a battle for its soul.  The left learned in the mid 1900’s that the battle for the culture would be won or lost in the classroom.  Slowly and with inexorable precision the public-school system has shattered the ideological continuity of the home and consequently the nation.  There was a time when the Judeo-Christian values of society were reinforced in the schools.  Children had a time of scripture reading and prayer at the beginning of each day.  They were taught the difference between right and wrong, there were moral imperatives; the obscure moral relativism of today was unheard of.

Since 1963, when the United States Supreme Court essentially ended the participation of Christianity in the public-school system, American public education has been on a steady decline.  Academics has taken a backseat to social engineering.  White children are told they have oppressive privileges and should despise who they are.  Black children are taught they are perpetual victims and should exact justice from their Caucasian counterparts; further widening the racial divide.  Western culture is depicted as evil, colonial and oppressive.  This constant bombardment of self-hate has made it easier for the social engineers to show them a better way – Socialism.  Those who might scoff at this need only look at the headlines.  The anarchists, communists and socialists protesting Trump are the product of modern American education.  Their belief that a capitalist society is un-American would be laughable except for the unsettlingly violent protests by poorly educated youth.

Parents who are distraught over the hijacking of their children’s minds have been coerced, through mandatory taxation, into funding what they find abhorrent.  Every parent who has a child in public education is at the mercy of the school district.  Christian parents especially find their input unwanted.  Schools brazenly silence prayer, refuse children the right to read the Bible on school property, all in the name of fairness.  Objections to this blatant discrimination are rebuffed as narrow or oppressive.  Every ism, philosophy and religion is respected in the school system except Christianity.

The public-school system has outlived its usefulness.  Homeschool and private schools are the safer option if parents wish to salvage the minds and hearts of our most vulnerable citizens.  Parents have a right and obligation to protect their children; use that right before it is lost forever.

The left’s hatred for all things Christian

The left has made no apologies for its hatred of Christianity.  Most Christian influenced moral norms, of American society, have been vilified and condemned by the left.  Christianity is portrayed as backward, puritanical, oppressive and unworthy of respect.  Given the intense animosity leveled at the church one would think Christianity to be a dark and divisive cult.

The impact that Christianity has had on the world is seen in the development of western culture.  Contrary to the claims of self-hating westerners who never miss a chance to cry mea culpa, Christianity helped create a culture unparalleled in history.  Yes, there were abuses in the west.  Yes, horrible things were done in the name of the church.  There are no perfect cultures because they are comprised of imperfect people.  However, the enduring good that came from western culture far outweighs the bad.

The Church pioneered hospitals, orphanages, and a multitude of other beneficial organizations that still help people today.  The influence of Christianity helped end the practice of slavery in England and the U.S.  That it took so long to end this horrible practice is a stain on western civilization, however, that it was ended shows the powerful resiliency of western thought.  It might be added here that the inferior Islamic culture still practices slavery.  The ability to recognize the need for reformation is a sign of a healthy culture.  Though we should never forget the abuses that are part of western history, we must rejoice in our ability to change when confronted with our sins.

Even today the Christian church is at the forefront of relief efforts across the globe.  Rescue missions dot the landscape designed to help people find hope in impossible situations.  Christians bring medical help, food, clean water and relief to millions regardless of the victim’s religious, ethnic or political background.

No other culture can compare with the Christian influenced west.  Leftists wish to dismantle western civilization and replace it with a regressive, oppressive, dystopic Marxism, whose god is the state and the individual is merely a tool to be used.  Contrary to this western culture values the individual and places individual liberty over collective conformity.  Leftists are free to protest, write and speak out against the west because of the west’s ethos.

If the leftists have their way everyone will live in poverty, fear to speak out, and suffer immeasurably under a centralized order.  Leftists hate Christianity because it is the antithesis of everything they believe.  The spiritually empty mantra of the left promises death and destruction.

As imperfect as it has been – thank God for western culture.

Radical persecution of the Church

It seems that radical homosexuals in America are not satisfied with the victories they have won in recent years.  Homosexual hate for Christians is nothing new and it seems they won’t be satisfied until Christian believers are ground to dust.  The recent ruling against a Christian florist in Washington state is another example of the anti-Christian bias that is growing across the nation.

The story is a tired one.  A homosexual couple targets a Christian establishment, knows they will be denied service for their so-called wedding, then they sue.  Once the suit is filed a complicit liberal judicial system rules in favor of the poor aggrieved couple.  Rinse, repeat, ad nauseam.  The government’s position seems to indicate that the rights of the homosexual supersedes the rights of the Christian.  Apparently if you own a business your liberty and conscience are automatically negated.

By creating special rights for non-deserving groups the government has jeopardized the rights of others.  Prior to the advent of special status homosexuals could hold jobs, attend school, attend worship and participate in any legitimate activity.  Yes, there were laws against sodomy and other sexual activity that was deemed deviant, although most of these laws were routinely ignored.

The Church’s crime was taking the unmistakably biblical position that homosexuality is a sin and will cause the practitioner to lose his soul in hell.  Unfortunately, many were so vociferous in their denouncements that they came across as full of hate.  Such is the frailty of human zeal.  However, such denouncements do not nullify the basic biblical truth.  The Church and Christian believers have every right to not only believe such behavior is sinful, but also to speak and write about that belief.  Christians have the right to conscientiously refuse to be a part of what they believe is immoral regardless of the feelings of those they refuse.

The radical homosexuals goal is to forcefully crush the Christian’s right to conscience and belief.  Criminalizing conscience is a more grievous offense that denying service.  The offended couple can move on to another business for service, thus remedying their inconvenience.  A violated conscience is not so easily healed and will haunt and condemn a person for a long time.  It is the contention of this article that the Christian’s rights are far more damaged than the flower seeking couple.  If the natural (God given) right to worship God according to one’s conscience continues to be criminalized Christians will increasingly be at odds with government.  This seems to be the goal.  This persecution of the Church will continue, there is no relief in sight.

Christians must stand for the truth no matter the consequence.  This is not the time to compromise or quake in the presence of anti-Christian hate.  “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1 ESV

Immigration and the inevitable destruction of the United States

“America is a nation of immigrants,” or “we’re all immigrants” is the cry of the left as citizens watch the inevitable destruction of the United States.  Millions of illegal aliens are flooding America’s southern border and stripping this great nation of its wealth.  A report by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2012 indicated that 62% of illegal households received welfare assistance.  This financial burden falls on the backs of every working American.

The U.S. is indeed a nation of immigrants.  The author’s paternal grandparents came to this country is the early 1900’s through Ellis Island.  Multitudes of others can trace their roots the same way.  It might be added that they came legally, were documented, learned the language and became productive citizens.  My grandparents were proud to be Americans.  The still cooked dishes from the old country and reminisced about their former life, but those things did not define them.  They were Americans through and through.  They voted, worked hard, teared up at the national anthem, but most of all understood that their lives had been made better by coming to America’s shores.  They didn’t march with their former nation’s flag; they didn’t work to undermine national security or call people racist for disagreeing with them.  Their patriotism was out of gratitude for the opportunity to succeed and live in liberty.

To say that we are all immigrants is idiotic.  Anyone having been born to U.S. citizens is a natural born American – a native to this nation.  They are not immigrants; they are native Americans.  Leftists use this argument to shame anyone opposing the rape of this great nation by illegal immigration.  After all, you’re not a real American either or so the argument insinuates.

It is difficult to not sympathize with foreigner wanted to partake of the American dream.  We have been blessed with a constitutional republic that afford us great liberty.  No other nation on earth has ever seen the potential and freedom of America.  However, that uniqueness is under threat.  Leftists bent on destroying the sovereignty of the United States want our borders to be obliterated.  Their goal is to flood this nation with people who have no affinity to the American ideal.  They organize illegals into protests that feature the flags of foreign governments while chanting anti-American sentiments.  These political miscreants (consisting of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton along with a rogue’s gallery of Democratic activists) wish to overwhelm the economy until it implodes.  Make no mistake these people do not love America they wish to reduce it to economic, military and political weakness.

The immigration issue is not about compassion.  Leftists have no affinity to anything but their twisted Marxist ideology.  They are true believers.  The system is paramount, human beings are just tools used to sustain it.  Mexicans and Muslims have no place in a leftist’s heart, they are just the moments convenient cause.  This is about institutional power and control over the individual.  The American ideal stands in the way.  Today’s anti-global revival is the left’s biggest threat; therefore, they are reacting so violently.

President Trump build the wall, build it high and protect our sovereignty and liberty!

The destruction of civility

All around the United States angry individuals are protesting, marching and violently attacking their opponents.  “Stop Trump” has become the rally cry for furious liberals fearful that their reshaping of America may be coming to an end.  The left declared war on traditional American values (i.e. Christianity) decades ago and now they are desperate to not lose any ground.

Anyone who is slightly paying attention knows that a culture war has been waged for decades.  Central to that war has been the influence of Christian thought on American culture.  For centuries Christianity was the moral compass of western culture, though often imperfectly applied, it set the standard for decency and personal behavior.  Christianity’s superior cultural norms were embraced by the political elites because its call to personal responsibility suited their need for order.  Christ’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” translated into civil stability and community compassion.  Detractors will point out the many exceptions to this rule, no one will deny these exceptions.  However, the clear majority were influenced by these principles whether they were converted followers of Christ or not.  Societal pressure ensured compliance if only outwardly.  The left hated these restrictions wanting to replace conscious goodness with Hedonistic confusion.

So, what have the victories of the left given the United States?

  1. Rampant immorality – in recent years aggressive homosexuality has assaulted the sensibilities of the average American. Transgenderism has been normalized to the detriment of those suffering from mental illness.  Sexual promiscuity is encouraged among young people as well as sexual experimentation.
  2. Abortion – Millions of children have been murdered for nothing more than lifestyle convenience.
  3. Inferior Education – American public and secondary schools have become indoctrination camps where anything but Christianity is allowed.
  4. Racial Division – No ideology has done more to divide this country than the left. The cry of racist has become so common that it has lost its meaning.  Many whites in America have become weary of the continual attacks against them because of their skin color.  Rather than seeking to heal, the left has fostered animosity and continues to push division.
  5. Political polarization – The divide between leftist and traditional American values continues to widen. No common ground can be found.  The anti-Trump riots across the country betray an ideology incapable of accepting any point of view but their own.
  6. Political correctness – This insanity would be laughable if its influence wasn’t destroying an entire generation. Millennials, in particular, embrace the need for safe spaces, absurd gender pronouns, and feminist/gender studies.
  7. Redefinition of marriage – The time honored, God ordained institution of marriage being between one man and one woman has been obliterated by the godless left.

The list of offenses against civilized culture could be multiplied.  Western civilization is near its death throes.  If Western culture is destroyed completely there is no culture equal to or superior to it that can fill the gap.  If leftist ideology wins a new age of oppression, poverty and darkness will emerge.  Make no mistake theirs is a philosophy of death.

So, for now the battle rages.  Traditional Americans who understand the value of the Judeo-Christian ethic still have a fighting chance.  The time to take a stand is now.

Post-birth abortion?

An article that appeared in The Telegraph is a sad commentary on the logical progression of evolutionary, feminist, pro-abortion, and progressive thought.  So-called medical ethicists concluded that killing an already born infant was no different than ending their life in the womb.  Neither, according to these rare geniuses, had a moral right to life because they have no “moral relevance.”

No one should be surprised by this callous dismissal of life.  For years, the left has championed the idea that a child in the womb was not a person; but only tissue like a tumor or a best a pesky parasite.  This incessant dehumanization of the unborn gave legitimacy to the wholesale slaughter of millions of human beings.  Apparently, permission to slaughter children before birth is not enough.  Why keep them around if they have a defect; after all no one should be forced to be inconvenienced or embarrassed by their child’s disability.  These same arguments can be made at any stage of life.  Why keep grandma around if she must be taken everywhere?  Or junior if his football head injury forces his parent to watch after him day and night?  Killing them would be more convenient and extremely economical.

The rejection of the Judeo-Christian ethic has contributed to this type of pitiless supposition.  It is obvious that the authors of the above-mentioned article have anchored their morality in expedience.  Right and wrong, good and bad have no place in their argument.  Because of this the progression from pre-birth murder to post birth murder is as natural as breathing air.

This may not seem like a big issue now, but neither did abortion in the early sixties.  Moral shifts come by degrees and godless hearts will give merit to this dark theory.  The world has lost too many precious lives developing in the womb.  How many more must be sacrificed to satisfy the profligate desires of selfish adults?  There is no greater evil than the person that can crush the life out of the helpless.

It is time to prepare for the next battle in the war to save our children.

Netflix, why?

Apparently not to be outdone by other Social Justice Warriors (SJW) in “white hatred,” Netflix has decided to produce a racist new series.  It has been fashionable for the last 50 years to bash, vilify and otherwise belittle whites – especially white men.  The preview to this new series promises to do that and more.

Most people want their entertainment to be entertaining.  No one wants to plop down in front of the TV to be bombarded by one-sided political tripe aimed at a specific ethnic group.  Racism against whites is not okay!

The author of this blog has been a subscriber to Netflix since it started its streaming venture.  However, as of today not anymore.  There are other venues that can fulfill our entertainment needs, Netflix is not the only game in town.  DEAR NETFLIX – goodbye!

Violent attack on free speech

On university campuses across the nation free speech is being violently attacked.  Milo Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated from the Berkley campus in response to violent rioters who opposed his right to speak freely.  Gavin McInnes’ voice was silenced by violent rioters at New York University.  Both events, which took place in early February 2017, are indicative of the violence of the left.  A violence that is growing, not diminishing.

Real Americans (those who respect the constitution, honor the law, and believe in individual liberty) have docilely watched as public education became a breeding ground for radical socialist propaganda.  The average citizen has been forced to support the destruction of our children’s minds and the undermining of the nation that we love.  Our values have been mocked and ignored.  Every vestige of Christian thought has been forcefully removed and replaced with abortion rights, gay rights, transgenderism, radical environmentalism and anti-American propaganda.  These hedonistic values are force fed to our children while parents are ignored and marginalized.

For far too long this blight has consumed our moral integrity.  Our nation is nearly unrecognizable; the things that once made America great have been destroyed by ism’s and identity politics.  Our children’s minds and hearts are poisoned and bitter resulting in hopelessness and fear of the future.  Logic has been tortured by emotion; up has become down, wrong is right, these whinny miscreants call good evil and evil good.  The conscience of this great nation has been turned on its head.

Liberals destroy impressionable children’s faith in God, tell them they have no intrinsic value, confuse their sexuality and gender, spoon feed them lie upon lie and when confronted they wipe their mouths and say, “We’ve done nothing wrong.”  These are destroyers of families, intellectual monsters who hate what is good.  What they do is intentional, systematic and relentless; it will not stop until parents and communities make an uncompromising stand.

By whose authority have tradition values been deemed unsavory?  What mandate was given to the left to pronounce every act of debauchery moral and just?  Their mandate is the capitulation of the average citizen in the wake of their onslaught.  It is up to each concerned citizen to sacrifice to save our children’s future.

Like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McIness the left labors to silence our voices through intimidation and personal attacks.  The battle is winnable we have truth on our side and now we must go on the offensive.